SERVPRO of West Volusia Employee Photos

Picture of male employee Joe against plain wall background

Joe Dalton

Joe is the General Manager at SERVPRO of West Volusia County. He has a long history of sales and management experience and has been with SERVPRO for a number of years. Joe is known around the office for his hard work, determination and his jokes! 

Fun Fact: Joe has a Salsa business on the side and played professional soccer back in the day. 

Male employee Jason against white wall

Jason Dalton

Jason Dalton has been with SERVPRO of West Volusia County for more than 20 years and is our franchises owner/manager. He is a Certified Mold Remediator and has IICRC certifications as a Water Removal and Applied Structural Drying Technician. 

Fun Fact: In his spare time, Jason loves taking pictures and exploring the field of outdoor photography.

Picture of female employee Kastina against plain background

Kastina Hohm

Kastina is the Operations Manager at SERVPRO of West Volusia. She handles inventory management, project management, vehicle and equipment maintenance management. Her strong drive and attention to detail makes her a valued team member. 

Fun Fact: Sky diving is up next on her bucket list.

Female employee Susan against white wall

Susan Roy

Susan is the Office Manager at SERVPRO of West Volusia. She is the one who keeps us running and we would be lost without her many talents! She is a master in administrative and accounting duties and works hard to keep us in check!

Fun Fact: She has Bret Michael's autograph on a Marriott napkin.

Male employee Caleb against plain white wall

Caleb Wallace

Caleb is in his second term here at SERVPRO of West Volusia. Caleb is a key project manager and leader.  He is WRT Certified and his varied background and experience makes him another one of our valued employees.

Fun Fact: He's lived in 3 out of 4 corners of the US! (CA, WA, FL)

Female employee Krystal against plain white wall

Krystal Harkness

Krystal is our Estimator at SERVPRO of West Volusia. She began her career here in production but her customer interaction abilities made her a natural estimator. She is IICRC certified as a WRT and also has her Mold certification. 

Fun Fact: Her favorite color is pink.

Male employee Ryan against plain white wall

Ryan Gabel

Ryan began as a Production Technician at SERVPRO of West Volusia but quickly earned the role as one of our 2 Operations Manager. His hard work and attention to detail on every job never goes unnoticed. Ryan has also completed our rigorous SERVPRO Employee Certification Training Program.

Fun Fact: He plays guitar for the SSC Jazz Band and is married to one of our owner's (Jason) daughters.

Male employee Gary against white wall

Gary Grumoli

Gary started with SERVPRO of West Volusia County as Operations manager but it became evident that his skill set was sales oriented. His people skills and closing ability are a great asset to us. 

Fun fact: Gary is an avid golfer and takes pride in beating our General Manager every time they play

Male employee Ryan against plain white wall

Ryan Reese

Ryan is the Director Of Marketing at SERVPRO of West Volusia County. He honed his digital media skills in the HVAC industry and has since transitioned into digital marketing for home restoration services. His creativity, drive, and technical skills are what make him unique to our team. 

Fun Fact: Ryan plays kendama, a skill toy that was invented in 18th century Japan! 

Male employee Randy against white wall

Randy Joseph

Randy is the Rebuild Division Manger at SERVPRO of West Volusia County. Randy recently started with SERVPRO and is excited to build and grow the Rebuild Division. Randy is a veteran of the Florida Army National Guard, with 2 tours in Afghanistan. Aside from his reconstruction experience, Randy brings his skill in Leadership Development to the team as well. 

Fun Fact: Randy competes in 2-gun shooting competitions and is also a Firearms instructor, survivalist, and Eagle Scout.

Male employee Jacobi against white wall

Jacobi Fudge

Jacobi is another that is on his second tour here at SERVPRO of West Volusia County. A quick learner and hard worker his dedication earns him the respect of all those around him. 

Fun fact: A diehard Atlanta Hawks fun and he loves Zebras!

female office employee, blonde hair

Genesis Brown

Genesis is the Sales and Marketing Manager here at SERVPRO of West Volusia County. Her bright, friendly, and outgoing personality combined with her tried & true effective sales skills make her a vital part of our team. 

Fun Fact: Genesis is a Mom to a bearded dragon, two dart frogs, and a precious boy who loves football!

Male Crew Member, brown hair

Danny D'Andrea

Danny is a Production Technician here at SERVPRO of West Volusia County. His willingness to take on any job, no matter how extreme, is what makes him such an effective crew member. 

Fun Fact: Danny's favorite vacation spot is the Florida Keys!

Male crew member with glasses in front of white background

Lionel Colon

Lionel is a Production Technician here at SERVPRO of West Volusia county. Everyday, Lionel brings his positive attitude to the warehouse and makes the crew and customers smile even on the busiest of days. 

Fun Fact: Lionel loves to play basketball and his favorite team is the Orlando Magic!

Female Technician with white background

Rhonda Gorman

Rhonda is a certified Water Damage Restoration Technician here at SERVPRO of West Volusia county. Rhonda takes every job head-on and makes sure everything is completed properly and on time. 

Fun Fact: Her two favorite movies are about baseball, Angels In The Outfield and Field Of Dreams!

Male employee Jonathan against white wall

Jonathan Castillo

Jonathan is a Production Technician here at SERVPRO of West Volusia county. Jonathan has demonstrated over and over again that he is a hard worker and dedicated to getting the job done right, no matter it's size. 

Male employee John against white wall

John Greene

A valued Production Technician here at SERVPRO of North Seminole County, John has proven himself as a key member of our team. John has the drive and abilities to be with us for a long time. 

Fun Fact: Can smell "microbial growth" from a mile away